Sunday, March 28, 2010

Web Research for the Republic of Texas

Here are some of the best sites for web research.  Y9ou can find family or get lost for hours reading whatever you may stumble across:

  • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Search for documents, images and more here.
  • Texas Republic Claims - This is where you can find documents related to a specific name.
  • TSHA Online - Texas History Online, the entrance page with lots of good links
  • Handbook of Texas Online -  Part of the above, but the search page for the encyclopedia-like handbook.
  • Texas History Links - to primary source documents.
  • Portal to Texas History - It is huge!  The University of North Texas' archive ranging from the big basic stuff to minutia that nobody will ever bother to look for!  They have it. 
  • General Land Office - These records give the survey documents for First-Headright land grants, Bounties, and Donations-- the "keys to the kingdom" regarding being a son or daughter of the Republic.  SAVE THIS LINK!  You will use it often in research and the GLO site makes it very difficult to find.
  • Texas Historical Commission -  Very useful search engine on topics which the Historical Commission has a hand in.  These are the folks who do the bronze markers of historical sites.  The search engine and mapping system is archaic for web standards, but the detail of the date is worth often better here than elsewhere.  For example, the THC will pinpoint historic locations that otherwise are only known by the public as in a general area.

Let me know your favorites, please?

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